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With over 50,000 inspections performed, Mister B's is the industry leader to give your company the peace of mind that you comply with the Used Car Inspection Regulation (12.2.14. NMAC) that went into effect on April 1, 2014. We understand the inconvenience that came with the interpretation of this law. We help train your team members to navigate our report, thus helping to sell the vehicle. We set out to create an inspection report that builds trust with your customer. We want them to become life long customers by giving them the confidence of knowing what they are buying.

Mister B's Inspectors have been in and around the collision industry since 1978. We are I-Car Gold Class trained in estimating and collision repair. We partnered with CCC information services to provide you with the most accurate estimates in the industry. We are members of the Automotive Service Association to stay updated with OEM information on a national level.

We also built our inspection reports to ensure your company is informed and in compliance with 12.2.14. NMAC. We store all inspection reports in the cloud, easily accessed via a computer or Smartphone. Google Drive allows you to view or print your documents whenever needed.

Know What You're Selling 

Dealerships know what you're selling, get a complete Mr. B's Inspection that is fully complies to NM regulation. 


Know What You're Buying

When it comes to your second biggest purchase, you should know what you are buying. Get peace of mind with a frame and body inspection from Mr. B's Auto Inspectors. We will tell you if that vehicle has been in an accident and if it has, if it was repaired safely and correctly. Our hands-on inspection process checks the numerous safety aspects of the vehicle, including:


Why Choose Us?

Lifting Vehicles

A Quality Inspection Starts With A Lift. 

The importance of lifting a vehicle to find safety issues is clear. When you lift the vehicle, you are looking at the chassis, suspension, engine, drivetrain, brakes and much more.
Mr. B's Inspection is one of the most trusted inspection services in Albuquerque that specializes in lifting vehicles for inspection.

80% of safety issues that we have found, have been in the undercarriage of the vehicle. Only lifting the vehicle helped reveal those safety issues.  

We Provide Paint Thickness

A paint thickness history in every report.

Automotive paint thickness is a measure of how thick the paint is applied to a car's surface. The thickness of the paint film is measured in mils, which can vary from 0.5 to 10 mils depending on the type of material being painted and its purpose. When body repairs or refinished paint the paint thickness can vary from 5 mils to 50+ mils.

The paint thickness can be measured by using a paint mil gauge. The thinner the paint, the lower its number is. In contrast the thicker the paint, the higher its number is and may indicate body repairs and/or refinish. As stated before, automotive paint thickness is measured in "mil" units, so one mil (1/1000th of an inch) equals about 1 micrometer.

There are many factors that affect the thickness of the paint on a vehicle. This includes:

Paint type - There can be a variety of different types of paint available for use on cars. Some are water-based, while others are solvent-based. The thickness will vary depending on the type that is chosen for use.

The thickness of the primer - The primer is applied before the top coat in order to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand wear and tear throughout its lifetime. It must be compatible with the top coat in order to provide a strong barrier against damage, which can also impact how thick it ends up being.

There are several gauges that are used to measure the thickness of automotive paint. Mr. B’s Auto Inspectors use of an electronic gauge, which has the ability to measure both metal and aluminum. We record these measurements in our report to help you better understand the vehicle current condition and its history.

Safety Is What's All About

Vehicle safety inspection is a vital step in ensuring that vehicles are safe to drive on public roads.

Vehicle safety is a very important issue for all drivers. Safety features in cars are becoming more and more sophisticated and new technologies are being introduced to make driving safer.

The structural safety of vehicles is the most important thing to consider when it comes to vehicle safety. The car chassis needs to be strong enough to protect passengers from the impact of a collision, but also needs to be lightweight enough so that it doesn’t affect the drivability of the car too much.

The importance of a vehicle inspection cannot be underestimated. It ensures the safety of both drivers and passengers which is important for any business that deals with transporting people. The inspection is carried out by a qualified inspector, who will check for structural damage, drivability of the vehicle and restraints such as seat belts.

The structural component of the vehicle is inspected for any damage to the body and frame. The drivability component is checked for any visual damage to the engine, transmission, or suspension. Restraints are checked to ensure that all seatbelts, and airbags are in working condition. Mr. B’s inspector will provide a detail report about the vehicle. 

Why Experience Maters

Continuous Training with I-CAR

I-CAR Classes are the training courses that are offered by I-CAR for automotive repair professionals. The course is designed to keep professionals up to date with the latest advancements in the industry. With the advent of new technologies, Mr B’s Inceptors can rely on I-CAR to provide up-to-date car training. With the help of I-CAR, we can get real-time training and up-to-date education about new car models.

Continuing training is a skill needed for any automotive inspector professional. The I-CAR classes provide up-to-date training in the automotive industry with a focus on new technology such as structural engineering, safety and correct repair procedures.

The Best Reports In The Market

Know what you are buying

Mr. B Auto Inspectors is a professional vehicle inspection service and has performed over 50,000 inspections . Mr. B’s knows all the ins and outs of the industry and knows what to look for when inspecting a vehicle.

Our inspectors are extremely knowledgeable about vehicles, suspension, frame, body and any other component that can be found on a car. In our report, Mr. B will inspect your vehicle and give you a complete overview of its condition, safety issues, including any body repairs that have been preformed. Mr. B's reports are detailed, accurate, easy to read, and provide full detail of the vehicle you plan to purchase, so you know what you are buying.

24/7 Access

We provides always our best services for our clients

Dealerships get 24/7 online access to your inspection reports. We teamed up with Google with its online cloud storage service, Google Drive, to give you the most secure, dependability and ease of use platform. 

You can access your reports from your desktop, laptop, tablet and your smart phone. Nothing else says "Wow" while you are on the car lot pulling up the report from your smart phone. No papers to loose, find the report on Google Drive, view and print. That easy. 

With over 50,000 inspections performed... Yea! We are the experts. 

Our hands-on inspection process checks the numerous safety aspects of the vehicle.

Electronic Reports

24/7 Cloud Access to Reports

Electronic Paint Thickness

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